Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding {& makeup}

I have been doing bridal makeup for about 5 years now. I LOVE it. Fortunately, I have been able to work with some really great brides. Going forward, I will be sharing the makeup I do for these lovely ladies. But first, a look into the past...

The first bride I want to share is Erica. My BF since 3rd grade. Her wedding was amazing. Very elegant, simple, clean, and Martha-esque. Her look was classy and romantic. Focus was on her eyes...

All these gorgeous pics are from -

To see wedding video -

PS- The handsome officiant that married them is my man :)


  1. Janelle- You are fabulous! Seriously! It might sound a little creepy but I'm totally obsessed! :) You are an unbelievably talented artist! You did an incredible job with Erica's makeup (and mine...a few years ago ;)). She was such a gorgeous bride! You're amazing!!

  2. Emily is great.. funny that she on your blog. We are from the same city..
    Great blog

  3. I'm still amazed at Erica's make up from that day. Her eyes were perfection.

    I will be adding this to my list of "pretty" blogs I check routinely.