Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Gails Wedding {& Makeup}

Abigail is a free-spirited, deep-thinking, hippy type. And she is awesome. I went to college with "Gail" and was always so curious to see who she would end up with. Well, she ended up with David - who is also someone who is awesome. Their wedding was such a reflection of them. Gail is full of life and it really showed.

For her "look" she chose... Blonde the best way to describe it. Her vintage dress was TO DIE FOR. AMAZING. For her makeup she wanted a shimmery light lid with a bolder cat eye (and corner lashes). Her cheeks and lips were rosy pinks. Note: Always, always, always a bride feels like she has a lot of makeup on and somehow the professional pictures take it down 10 notches. This is why it is important to go a little above your comfort zone. That way it turns out PERFECT. Just want to put that out there...

Ok, so, here she is...

Beautiful photos taken by Figlewicz and HBD.

PS. I am obsessed with that red barn.

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  1. i am also obsessed with the barn. what an awesome venue!