Monday, October 25, 2010

Hot Air Balloons

I have a thing for hot air balloons. I think they're awesome. They come out seasonally in North County San Diego (where I live) and they give me the warm fuzzies when I see them. When my brother and I were little one landed in our backyard---- we about passed out from excitement over this. We still talk about it. ANYway, I recently wanted to update the situation above the fireplace. I bought a piece of smooth pine wood from Home Depot and got to work. I wanted it very simple using only black paint and a little charcoal. Here is how it turned out...


  1. love the new art janelle!
    did you see the necklace i posted on my blog??
    under monday delights 2.
    you should probably get it...or ask david to get it to your for christmas ;-)

  2. Yes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! So cute and so perfect. I will let David know ;)

  3. I will buy this off of you. Name your priceeeeee or just make me something similar for christmas...

  4. What do you want it of Kev? A balloon? Other ideas: fish, mustache, boat...