Sunday, August 7, 2011

my latest outlet.

so, i am throws of learning how to balance it all.... baby, work, husband, family, friends, & laundry. lots of laundry. when i started this little blog i wanted a place i could direct my bridal clients to for makeup inspiration + an outlet of random, pretty things i find. well, right after i started this blog i got pregnant. then i got really sick... and stayed sick. then i had a baby. and then i went back to work and got busy... really busy. i go crazy though if i don't have a creative outlet... and i need it to work with my schedule. i am happy to say that i found something that works for now. drum roll... INSTAGRAM! i little simple creative outlet that can be done while breastfeeding :) anyways, here are my latest...

one day this little blog will look like more what i hoped it to be. and when the laundry's done i will do a post. but for now... i'm on Instagram as _janelson ;)